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About Us

  Finance Inspection (Non-Technical) Wing was constituted in Finance Department in 1964 to ensure that financial rules and procedures are scrupulously followed by the officers who handle public money, especially with regard to the receipt, custody and disbursement of money in Offices and maintenance of accounts. The Finance Inspection Wing will conduct surprise inspection of Offices of all Government Departments, Semi Government / Public Sector Undertakings / Autonomous / Local Bodies,Universities and Co-operative Institutions etc. having any control by the Government and report to Government cases of irregularity, slackness or indifference shown by Heads of Departments or Offices in the matter of financial control.
   Finance Inspection Wing is empowered to scrutinize all files and registers relating to accounts,attendance, stores, vehicles, projects, works and other allied matters.They are also empowered to conduct physical verification of cash and stores wherever deemed necessary. The Finance Inspection Wing will submit their reports to the Principal Secretary to Government in the Finance Department who will decide the follow up action to be taken on the reports. The District Finance Inspection Squads functioning as District Units of the Inspection (Non-Technical) Wing in Finance Department and are empowered to inspect District Offices,Public Sector Undertakings and Autonomous Bodies under their jurisdiction.